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Players gamble in a safe and protected environment

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Increased player awareness results in a stable relationship with casino’s and casino employees, based on monitored gambling behaviour within agreed limits

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Gambling behaviour is objectively monitored (frequency, time, amounts, location)

Some gamblers have difficulties to keep their gambling behaviour under control

As an alternative to a legal ban, E-Assyst offers the players insight into their playing behaviour. This insight helps to correct extreme risk taking and overspending

Addiction prevention

E-Assyst is a mobile healthcare coach that is based on cognitive behavioural therapy principles. It is designed to prevent gambling addiction. E-Assysts helps players to keep their gambling behaviour under control.

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Player awareness

E-Assyst provides casino employees with objective information on the gambling behaviour of clients. This information can be used to steer and redirect risky client behaviours

Overview of information

E-Assyst provides managers with objective information on player behaviour in different arcades and locations

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Dashboard casino employee

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  • Players set personal targets for maximum gambling duration and buy-in per visit

    Instant feedback to casino employees on missed targets to enable direct interaction with players

  • The dashboard monitors the behaviour of the players in the context of mutually agreed targets

    The information can form the basis for focussed and personal contacts between player and employee to discuss the observed aberrant behaviours

Mobile coach

  • Player and casino employee discuss and agree upon targets. Targets on maximum gambling duration and buy-in are confirmed and locked in E-Assyst
  • E-Assyst records the behaviour and gives feedback to the player with reference to the agreed targets
  • The players becomes aware of their (risky) gambling behaviour. The casino employee can monitor the process
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